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Jet sweep playbook

jet sweep playbook

But why add a whole series?
QB must carry out fakes to the opposite side. We call this our heavy formation.If you are running jet sweep and you see the defense isnt running with the motion player have him motion right out into a pass pattern. Having the guard pull out and block the SS will allow the jet motion back to cut right off of the block.Canada will also mix up the motion of the sweep player, having him motion, set, and then target discount store trinidad come back across the formation another way.Jet Sweep, the jet sweep has become increasingly popular over the past decade or so, really coming into form when Houston Nutt first introduced his wildcat formation at Arkansas.So why add the Jet Sweep Series to an option attack?Now, how can we add an entire series of plays without adding new techniques and schemes?Even if you do not have fast players, the jet will get them outside in a hurry.As defenses roll their coverage toward the jet motion and get sucked up to the initial movement, MSU opens a big running lane on the backside.The jet is a play that will get your athletes the ball out in space quickly.Having the 4 stalk block the corner is asking a lot.The core of The Triple Gun Offense is the Shot Gun Triple Option known as The Gun Triple.It is designed to get to the edge before the defense and is often utilized by teams with receivers that have more speed than their power backs.The WR will threaten hash, numbers, and then sideline to cut upfield.Using the same format as the first 3 Volumes of The Triple Gun Playbook.Reverses, End Arounds, and Jet Sweeps are 3 different plays designed to take advantage of different things from a defense.
As much as football has always been characterized as a game of violence and it is, make no mistake its appeal for me has always been more in the strategic elements of the game.
Thats what this jet sweep series represents: a commitment to an idea and its execution, and then building off that in all the ways that weve illustrated.