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Pokemon best sweepers

pokemon best sweepers

Substitute blocks status and allows Latias to get a free Calm Mind or more control of the field.
It couldnt shine in the OU metagame, but was a solid UU Pokemon.Haxorus Commonly referred to as: Hax.It also has access to Spikes, Roost, and Whirlwind, three moves that Skarmory has many opportunities to use.Shockingly, Gyarados's typing allows it to do many things.The most common Pinch Berries are: Salac (boosts Speed Petaya (boosts Special Attack and Liechi (boosts Attack).MegaKAnga should be buffes not the best, but I love using Tail Glow Xurkitree g m/archive, i wanna go more OU tier then Uber.We've already seen economy bookings promo code 2014 Agility is used as an option for Metagross.What about others though?It is Wednesday my trainers!Metagross Most Noteworthy Moveset Metagross @ Life Orb Ability: Clear Body EVs: 112 HP / 252 Atk / 12 Def / 132 Spe Adamant nature (Atk, -SpA) - Agility - Meteor Mash - Earthquake - ThunderPunch / Ice Punch / Explosion Metagross is an odd.Also uses Leftovers and its ability, Ice Body, to fully replenish the HP lost from Substitute over two turns.Packing 328 Speed before a Dragon Dance and 492 after, Salamence is difficult to outspeed without using something gimmicky like Choice Scarf Gengar.There are many ways to answer such a question.DPP (Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum diamond, Pearl, and Platinum make up the fourth generation and it is famous for changing attacking mechanics so that physical and special moves were differentiated individually rather than by their type.Well, we've already mentioned Dragon Dance.OC Dialga and Palkia Cook Part 2 (Not featuring Dialga) 837 37 comments, getting a little better with markers 272 35 comments, so i was just studying up on antibiotics when all of a sudden.Parafusion Utilizing both paralysis and confusion to keep an enemy Pokémon from being able to attack.Still, even with a neutral nature Tyranitar hits a max of 486 Speed, which is just enough to outspeed many Choice Scarf users (barring nature base 100s).Scizor, most Noteworthy Moveset: Scizor @ Choice Band, ability: Technician.Aqua Tail 2HKOes Hippowdon and Gliscor, though the latter is faster than Tyranitar and can force Tyranitar out.