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Pokemon caterpie sweep

pokemon caterpie sweep

7, give the Magikarp a Focus Sash to hold during the battle.
If the target stays asleep, great, but if the target wakes up, you will have a substitute to take any damage of the attacker.Basically, a Magikarp sweep is an epic strategy used by some Pokémon trainers that defeats the entire opponents' Pokémon team using Flail when Magikarps' Attack is maximized.When it is, withdraw it and send west penn power appliance rebate program in Smeargle.How does it work?6, catch a Magikarp.Keep in mind that when you do a link or Wi-Fi battle, you can reuse items but in in-game battles, items like the Focus Sash are gone forever.If it is under level 30, level it up so it can learn Flail.Ask a Question 200 characters left, submit, video, a video of a successful Magikarp Sweep Tips When teaching Smeargle the moves, it is a good idea to save frequently.From there, have Snorlax use Belly Drum and have Smeargle Sketch the move.And when you switch in a Smeargle, your Smeargle will use Belly Drum and then Baton Pass to your Magikarp.You could also level it up 1 to 10 levels to teach it Sketch again.You need to skip ahead to about the 4:00 minute mark, but then something truly magical happens - this guy uses a newly-captured shiny Caterpie to take down a team consisting of Groudon, Ninjask, Raikou, and more.3, use Belly Drum, Substitute, and Baton Pass onto Magikarp (Magikarp will now inherit all stat changes of Smeargle).Steps 1, understand what a Magikarp sweep is and why it works.Then defeat the trainer and re-teach Smeargle Sketch again.The first few minutes are spent laying down the groundwork to make this even remotely possible, but it's still impressive as heck nonetheless.5, give your Smeargle a Salac Berry to hold during the battle.3, fly to the Move Remembers house and Re-Teach Smeargle Sketch.Enter a double battle with your Snorlax and Smeargle in the first two slots of your party.Have Parasect use Spore and have Smeargle use Sketch.A Girafarig with Baton Pass, a Sentret with Substitute, a Smeargle with Sketch.