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Russian leg sweep backbreaker

russian leg sweep backbreaker

Hart would then run dell refurbished coupon code past the two and bounce off the ropes on the opposite side of the ring.
Though not often used by many wrestlers, this mat slam does happen as a result of other botched (poorly executed) moves.
This move is also known as a single arm DDT Plus.
The high attack usually comes from in front of the opponent, while the low attack comes from behind, sending the opponent back-first into the mat with greater force.Neckbreaker Edit Main article: Neckbreaker There are two general categories of neckbreaker, which are related only in that they attack the opponent's neck.He then lifts the opponent up and slams him downwards, impacting the opponent's bent leg on one of the wrestler's knee.This version sees the wrestler pick the opponent up onto their shoulders in powerbomb position and dropping backwards while throwing the opponents so that the opponent flips forward and lands on their neck and upper back.Another variation is when someone holds the opponent in a fireman's carry position.The move is mainly associated with Bubba Ray Dudley, who popularized the move during his time with the WWF/WWE, calling it the Bubba Bomb.Wheelbarrow driver Edit Similar to a wheelbarrow facebuster but instead of dropping their opponent face first, they drop their opponent so that the opponent lands on their upper back and neck between the legs of the wrestler, facing towards them usually resulting in a pin.Where a wrestler concentrates on the arm and drops a part of their body on to the arm.Attacking wrestlers may both target the front or back of the opponent, or sometimes "sandwich" the opponent by dropkicking them from either side.The wrestler reaches under one of the opponent's arms with his/her corresponding arm and places the palm of his/her hand on the neck of the opponent, thereby forcing the arm of the opponent up into the air (the half nelson).As the wrestler brings the opponent back down to the mat the wrestler kneels, slamming the opponent's back across the extended knee.Mideon used a variation of this move in which the wrestler first puts the opponent into a pumphandle setup and then flips the opponent over on their back.High and Low A "high and low" double team maneuver is a type of takedown that sees two wrestlers hit a combination of attacks on a standing opponent; one aimed to hit high, while the other is aimed low.Superkick-Plex This combination move sees one wrestler hit a superkick to the chin of an opponent who is being held in a belly-to-back position by the second wrestler.The wrestler lifts his/her opponent up and turns him/her upside down so that he/she is held up by the wrestler's arm cradling his/her back.Some professional wrestlers can use this move as an advantage by running up the turnbuckle and using a high flying move such as Jeff Hardy using his Whisper in the Wind.Backbreaker hold, afternoon tea co uk voucher code diving attack combination One wrestler would hit a pendulum backbreaker and hold the opponent over his knee as another wrestler jumped down from the top rope and performed a diving attack.Bearhug hold, seated senton combination One wrestler would apply a bearhug to the victim while his or her partner climbed the turnbuckle behind them.Popularized by Triple H to set up for his finisher The Pedigree.Often this move sees two wrestlers knock down a charging opponent leaving the opponent in a position in which both wrestlers can stand either side of the fallen opponent and before elbow drops.
Half nelson driver Edit The wrestler stands behind the opponent and applies a half nelson hold on his opponent, placing one of his hands against the opponent's neck after hooking the opponent's arm with.